Cupping is a form of Traditional Chinese Medicine which treats damaged tissue by using suction cups. These cups draw toxins from damaged tissue to the lymphatic system. Cupping has additional side effects like reduced pain and improved local circulation. As you may have seen at recent Olympic games, cupping is the latest in soft tissue therapy. Professional athletes and weekend warriors alike are discovering the powerful benefits of cupping for recovery and performance. I use cupping in my office for myofascial release in addition to the Traditional Chinese Medicine method. I use modern soft silicone cups, which are comfortable, effective and generally do not leave the circular dark purple marks. The suction cup is placed over the injured area; the patient is then instructed to move through a range of motion while the cup remains in place. The decompression force of the suction allows both the fascia and muscles to pass under the cup separating adhered tissues. The result is reduced pain and greater range of motion.

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