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The "secret sauce" to long time and successful recovery starts with complete abstinence.  The real formula is conquering the food issues you've probably had before your substance use.  You know what I mean?  The soda, the pizza, the ice cream, the supersize fast foods, the extra sugary coffehouse drinks with high caffeine content, the nicotine-smoked, vaped, tucked in your lip or as a patch or even a lozenge.  All the chemicals, additives in these substances keep the fires of your addiction "smoldering" and represent that "little voice" saying that you've come this far, what is a one time relapse? The great Julia Ross, Ph.D, put it very succinctly stating that you're most vulnerable to relapse, by missing a quality, high protein meal.  The food quality you choose has the most direct impact on your very long term survival with substance use.  Getting your foods clean, setting up your system to function optimally and normally is probably something you've not encountered in your life, or at the very least in the past few years of recovery.

Isn't it time to eat clean?  

I can tell you from my own experience, that Clean Eating is very easy and becomes a resource to help you deal with all this crap that goes on around us. You know, the bombarding ads for fast food, alchohol, party type atmosphere that wears down your will power! The more I eat Clean, the more power I have and more resilience to fend off surges of cravings or impulses that kept me locked in suffering.

Eating clean, will empower you and allow you self mastery to everything you put in you body, what you breathe in,...everything...

The tools are accessible, easy to implement and will help you end your cycle of addiction transfer.

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